Zoom Bullshit Competition

Have you ever been in a meeting which dragged on and on with some pretentious dude pretending to know what he's talking about? Is he presenting on Zoom without pants? What does he really know about these marketing projections or medical trials?

Well, wonder no longer! Tune in as we give some of the world's most baffling PowerPoint presentations* to Berlin's most talented improvisers and comedians** so that they can present them to you- as they see these slides for the first time themselves. Shit, maybe you'll even learn something new!***

Thursday April 9th
Stream goes live 7:50 pm CET (UTC+2)
Show starts 8 p.m.

Emma Aldridge
Liliana Velásquez
Lindsay Gonzales (calling in from Madrid)
Carl Clancy
Georg Kammerer

*These presentations are 100% real, authentically fresh(ish), and provided by experts in their fields expressly for this purpose.
**At least their moms think they're great.
***Learning not guaranteed

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