7 Stories from the Future – workshops with Lisa Pettibone

COLLECTIVE PRACTICES presents STORIES FROM THE FUTURE: Crisis as catalyst for carbon-neutrality a workshop series with Lisa Pettibone (June - December 2020). Registration Deadline: 1st June 6pm

The only times global greenhouse gas emissions have fallen in the past 200 years were during times of crisis: war, depression, or pandemic. This constant growth means we now have only 10 years to permanently reverse the rise of climate emissions and at most until mid-century to become carbon neutral if we are to avoid the most devastating effects of runaway climate change. How can—and must—we work together to create a world where our grandchildren can thrive?


This workshop series will run throughout COLLECTIVE PRACTICES, picking up the thread in each of its four explorations (#NARRATIVES, #KNOWLEDGES, #CARE, and #RESISTANCE) to imagine—and begin to build—the future we want: Participants will collaborate in several events that bring together scientific knowledge, creative energy, personal connections, and the will to act to envision the better way we want to be—10 years from now.

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