"COMA (The tail of the Comet)" by Francisco Montoya Cázarez

The third video piece in our quarantine program is “COMA” by Francisco Montoya Cázarez from 2015.

"COMA (La cola del cometa/ The tail of the comet)" by Francisco Montoya Cázarez, 2015

Taking us on a trip across the solar system, we follow the trajectory of comet “67/P” as it approaches the perihelion: The closest point to the Sun in which a nebulous cloud of dust and gas known as “Coma” extends to thousands of kilometres. COMA (La cola del cometa/ The tail of the Comet) takes the shape of a space documentary film that explores a link between the movement of Cosmic Bodies and their cultural impact on Earth in association with catastrophic events such as Wars, Natural disasters and Epidemics .

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