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Deep Relaxation vol. 6: Sound Isolation

Deep Relaxation vol. 6: Sound Isolation is an experimental video-guided sound session. It can be performed by everyone in their own place.
The visual score, inspired by the '90s New Age and self-help aesthetics, shows how to perform sounds audible only to the performer/listener.
They just need to prepare a pair of earphones, sit down in a quiet place and follow the instructions.
The piece encourages focusing on the body, touch, and hearing to create a short moment of intimacy.

Mikolaj Laskowski is a Berlin-based composer. "Mikolaj Laskowski's music is a reflection of the schizophrenic consciousness of his generation. Irony and nostalgia, electronic kitsch and sophisticated instrumental sounds, ubiquitous sampling and internet plunderphonics are combined with playful references to New Age aesthetics."

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