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Drunk Classics: A Christmas Carol

Drunk Classics is a semi-improvised show that retells beloved stories from sober beginning to alcohol-soaked end. One part classic story, one part meta commentary on that story and many parts of improv. This time we're tackling A Christmas Carol, the muppets classic also written by Charles Dickens. Featuring a Scrooge, Marley in Chains and lots of Christmas Spirits. All re-improvised based on your suggestions!
Amy Jane
Emma Aldridge
Summer Banks
Ben Southam
Carl Clancy
Lee White
Matheiu Pelletier

As you might be aware our beloved 800a is closed as all theatres in Berlin are at the moment. So we've recorded this show live as a podcast all from the relative comfort of our own homes. And it's available from December 23rd 8pm on Facebook and Soundcloud - - until the 12 days of Christmas are over. If you're feeling generous, you can donate to the artists through PayPal at

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