Ausstellung | Studio Visit

Enter Art Foundation Studio Visit: Silke Bartsch

Who we are:
- We are a nonprofit platform that promotes emerging artists and makes them accessible to the general public.
- We finance ourselves exclusively through donations (recognized for tax deduction).
- We organize Europe-wide group and solo exhibitions, mostly as part of international art events and fairs.
- We run a communication platform for the internal exchange between artists.

What we do:
- We support young, promising talents in contemporary art and thus make an important contribution to the promotion of culture.
- We organize curated group exhibitions.
- We provide artists with free exhibition space.
- We pass 100% of the sales proceeds on to the artists.
- We establish contact with galleries and supporters.
- We promote dialogue between artists and viewers.
- We are available to artists with an expert team.

EAF Studio Visits is a new series to support our artists during Corona. We show their studio and ask for an interview that can be read on our website:

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