ONLINE PERFORMANCE `green house effect`

`mp43 project space for the peripheral` decided to do actions despite of the virus,
We will start an ONLINE PERFORMANCE SERIES from the beginning of April. ART and CULTURE must remain visible.

`Greenhouse effect` is a video performance that draws inspiration from the discourse that surounds the idea of ecology in today’s contemporary culture. The performance happens in a confined space of transparent inflatable plastic balloon that acts as a metaphor that mimics the much talked about depleting ozone layer. The space engages the performer into a claustrophobic environment in which air is very limited. The space contains small inflated balloons that the performer pops in the process with each movement made within the confined space. It is a space in which the gas carbon dioxide keeps increasing and determines how long the performer remains active in the balloon. It is a process in which the performer is aware of the limitations and is conscious of the physical and mental energy that remaining in this environment demands. The faster the performer moves in the balloon the more energy draining it becomes thus prompting an early exit.

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