Online Performance `I am a WOMAN. I am an ARTIST.`

mp43 project space for the peripheral decided to do actions despite of the virus,
We will start an ONLINE PERFORMANCE SERIES from the beginning of April. ART and CULTURE must remain visible.
fourth online opening:

`I am a WOMAN. I am an ARTIST. So, I am a WOMAN ARTIST. My Background is My Art`
Thyitar (multidisciplinary artist/Myanmar)

Thyitar was born in 1988 in Yangon. She is a multidisciplinary artist. She finished her art study at New Zero Art Space in 2010. As a young woman artist, she approaches composes her artistic creations through her individual perceptions and feelings upon feminism and religious issues. And she started performance art in 2011 and participated in several group art events, programs and festivals locally and internationally, including events in Germany, Korea, Japan, Malaysia Vietnam, Philipine, Thailand, Austria.

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