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Rob Kitchin: Navigating Smart Cities

The vision of the smart city promises efficient administration, improved quality of life, and a major contribution to sustainability. But what are the logics behind these promises and expectations? What are the perils when urban planning is determined by technology and data?
In his lecture, Rob Kitchin addresses a number of political and normative questions related to smart cities. He discusses the ethical values and principles that determine the desirable urban environment we want to create and live in. Therefore, his presentation explores how these measures ensure equal access to technology and decision-making, foster social justice and agency among all citizens. It also examines how these concerns are conceived and operationalised within smart cities around the world. How do these models and visions vary internationally, for example, between Asian and European countries? The final part of the talk will explore the ‘right to the smart city’ and ‘decentering the smart city’. How can these notions be used to create cities that truly prioritise human needs?

Please find further information and the link to register here: https://www.hiig.de/en/events/navigating-smart-cities/

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