Shaping Identity

`Shaping Identity’ (performance)
In this work Wechslberger‘s nude body is partly enfolded in packaging materials and a wooden coffin while a video installation is projected onto her. The projections, visible on her skin, consist of paper cut-outs that symbolise her past relationships, connections and disconnections with people. She appears exposed and vulnerable. The strong symbolisms connected to the coffin contrasts with the delicate colours and shapes of the projections, her subtle and calm voice as she recites some of her stable and fluxing identities. This performance suggests how some identities, perhaps those that are more stable, are often unconsciously projected onto people, continuing until a person’s demise, while the more fluxing identities that shape people’s individuality come about by choice, in the same way Kirsten chose to share her identities with her audience. (...) (Text: Melanie Sarantou PhD)
World premiere: 2015, Windhoek/Namibia, Franco Namibian Cultural Center

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