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shortportraits + »minute papillon«

double feature
in addition to the sensitive short portraits by sandra luzina, for the first time our cinematic implementation in public of »minute papillon« is online.

»the choreograph toula limnaios«
arte journal, miniseria by sandra luzina © arte, 2015
»toula limnaios is one of the most successful choreographers in germany. The Greek by birth has her own international ensemble with which she works continuously. arte journal watched her rehearsing of »minute papillon«.

»minute papillon« (2015)
a dancefilm by cie. toula limnaios
»... a choreography of strong images and violent emotions, fragmentary, puzzling, disturbing and sometimes funny and once again, as is so often the case with toula limnaios, you go into the night with impressions and images that don't let go of you.« ( rbb culture radio, 2015)

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